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Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm EST
have new information on jesse jackson, jr.'s crimes and what's likely to happen to him. that's next. you're watching your only local news at 7:00 on wusa9. : jesse, jackson, jr., facing prison time after pleading guilty to misusing campaign funds. on his way out of the courthouse, the former congressman spoke with bruce johnson. >> one of the country's best known political names. one of the country's best known civil rights names, but the former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., and his wife, both left u.s. district court today convicted felons. >> just a quick message. not a proud day. i'm sorry i let everybody down. >> i fully understand the consequences of my actions. i have no interest in wasting the taxpayer's time. that's part of what former illinois congressman, jesse jackson, jr., told a judge today. weeping quietly at times, while pleading guilty to one felony conspiracy count. >> jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct and those who were in court so he did precisely that. >> his entire famous family was there. his father, the civil rights icon, his m
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
, jesse jackson, jr., has admitted that he violated campaign finance laws. reportedly he signed papers admitting that he used political contributions to buy a $40,000rolex, travel expenses for a friend, and furniture for his home here in washington. the son of civil rights leader, jesse jackson, resigned from congress last year siting health issues. under the terms of the deal, jackson's sentence could range from probation to prison time. >>> who is more popular than president obama, vice president biden and house speaker, john boehner, and doesn't have a political job? hillary clinton, that's who. released the poll in which the former secretary of state was voted the most popular national political figure. clinton's favorable rating beat the president by ten points. the telephone poll began last week and ended monday, just as clinton was leaving her job. >> 50 years ago, tomorrow, robert f. kennedy set out on a remarkable walk along the cno canal toe path. that says a lot about his sheer force of will and how much the country lost when >>> 50 years ago tomorrow, robert f. kennedy set
Feb 15, 2013 7:00pm EST
. >>> federal prosecutors have charged the former u.s. representative jesse jackson jr. and his wife sandy. the ex-congressman is charged with spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal expenses. and his wife is charged with one count of filing false federal income tax returns from 2006 to 2011. jackson jr. said that he fully accepts responsibility. >>> well a new report says that d.c. is more diverse than what they used to be, but >>> 10% of the adult of the d.c. residence are self- identified as lesbian, gay, transgender, the highest in the nation. only d.c. and hawaii were above a%. 3.3% of maryland at the 2.9% identified themselves as being a part of the lbgb community. >>> well, a pair of brand new jordans are expected to be released tomorrow and they want to make sure to control all those wild crowds. you know how it gets when those shoes come out. police are working with the retailers to ensure safety for the first district commander. in the past cops found out about the sneaker releases after the fact and that's when there was trouble. police say that store owners are giving t
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
. bye bye. >>> michael jackson's son's first day here at "e.t." >>> plus, is alec baldwin being accused of a hate crime? i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> alec's racist rant? investigated by new york's hate crime unit. "e.t." with new video. >> plus, alec's all-time nastiest run-in. >>> then, mindy mccready's kids after her apparent suicide. was she under investigation for her boyfriend's death? >>> and justin. the alleged bieber murder plot caught on tape. >> i use a necktie on my victims. >>> michael jackson's son joins forces with us. >> i'm giving prince michael a crash course on being an "e.t." correspondent. >> it's not as easy as it looks. >> i have heard that before you do an interview, do ten push-ups. >> warming up for his first job. interviewing the men of "oz the
Feb 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
-bye. >>> michael jackson's son joins "e.t." as a special correspondent. >>> plus the latest on country star mindy mccready's apparent suicide. i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> the gruesome details. shot on her porch along with her dog. >> could this have been prevented? >> mindy's desperate battle with addiction. >> nurse, nurse, she's having a seizure right now! >> what will happen to her two young sons? >>> the king of pop's son, prince michael, turns correspondent for the very first time and it is for "entertainment tonight." >> that's right, brook. my first assignment sitting down with the stars of oz, the great and powerful. >> are we your first interview? >> actually, yes, you are. >> exclusive. jesus and the bible come to life. >> what are you going to do? >> change the world.
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
in the spotlight? >>> then, michael jackson's son prince. >> i have a lot to say. >> as an e.t. correspondent. >> i just turned 16, do you have any advice for someone who's looking to get into the business? >>> why is matt lauer missing from "today"? >>> and new concerns about the health of robin roberts. >> the fist bumping got me in trouble with my doctor. >> i just felt i was slipping away. >> what she only told me about who helped her come back. >> all i could hear was my name, robin, robin. >>> bradley, jennifer and the countdown to oscar sunday is in
Feb 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
. >> plus, what oprah told me about michael jackson's son's week on "e.t." i'm rocsi diaz. >> i'm rob marciano. >> i'm nancy o'dell in our los angeles studio. >> it was shocking when i heard that. >> oprah in awe. prince michael working with us. >> michael is doing the moonwalk in his grave. >>> plus -- >> time to reveal what you didn't see during my first "e.t." assignment. >>> then new robin roberts. >> she came back sooner than we all thought. >> is she afraid her disease will return? >> my heart still beats very fast when i go in to see the doctor on a regular basis. >> "e.t." at the oscars. today -- >> why they're on high alert at the dolby theatre. >>> plus, what will the stars be wearing. >> i have inside information, nancy. >> we have oscar fashion from joe zee.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7